GloriAnne Rose Dairo, who also goes by Glori or Rose, is a Third World kid. Born to Filipino parent, she grew up and lived most of her life in the glittering UAE. She focuses on digital, ink, and watercolor paintings and hand lettering.

Glori started drawing as a child, often getting lost in the worlds she created, inspired by the many books she loved to read. As a child, she was told she had an “overactive imagination.” This has driven her to use this to her advantage, to create new worlds and characters, to explore both the known and the unknown. 

Born and raised the UAE, she moved to the Philippines after a stint in Fashion Design in University and took up Avionics Technology in college. However, though she enjoyed the delicacy of aviation electronics and marveled at the wonders of modern technology and flight, she always felt a calling back to art, back to creating, the soul of her being. 

Devoted to her craft, Glori is always pushing her limits and skills, learning new techniques, drawing and painting whenever she can. She intends to continue her projects and pursuits, “to bring words, stories, and imagination to life” through the magic she is able to explore through art.